With an increase in the demand for project transports, UTC Overseas developed a specialized division to assist our customers with project management over extended periods of time.  There are intricacies involved in these moves that require a commitment to detail.

UTC Overseas has over 75 years of tradition in all areas of international logistics.  It is our experience, coupled with a commitment to customer service, which ensures complete satisfaction.  We always remain completely attentive to each of our customer’s needs.  Each project receives direct and constant support from our team of professionals as well as the company’s general management.  In addition, our project managers are accessible 24 hours a day. 
UTC Overseas provides our customers with innovative solutions and guidance should they face any obstacles.   
Our work philosophy is to react quickly and maintain flexibility in order to satisfy our customer’s needs.  In addition, UTC has the financial resources to organize and execute even the most intricate and sizable projects. 
Over the years, UTC has assisted customers of various profiles, from ones that primarily only transport containers and occasionally some heavy equipment (heavy lift), to ones that transport many tons of freight across the globe.  Our wide range of clients has afforded us the knowledge to be sure that regardless of size, weight or complexity, UTC Overseas has the resources and expertise to move anything in the world. 

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