UTC Overseas was founded in 1989 in partnership with Universal Transcontinental Corporation Inc., also known as UTC, an international transportation corporation since 1925.  
Through a worldwide network of offices, partnerships, and joint ventures UTC Overseas offers a most comprehensive spectrum of transport and international logistics services. 
UTC specializes in selecting the most appropriate mode of transportation for its clients and customers, offering a variety of competitively priced delivery options to meet any deadlines. 
Our partnerships with the most reliable transporters in the business are what set us apart from our competitors.  Whether by air, land or sea, the final choice of transporter is based on each customer’s needs with specific emphasis on time, restrictions and cost. 
Throughout all phases of the projects, our customers can be sure they are receiving the best possible service.  UTC Overseas maintains an extensive network of partners around the world that uphold the company’s high standard of quality and performance.  UTC’s entire global team is expertly trained to always proceed in agreement with these patterns of excellence the company has sustained since its inception.   
We have a very simple philosophy at UTC Overseas: Do whatever it takes to create satisfied customers.  Every action we take reflects that standard.     

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